Thursday, June 14, 2012

Blueberries - Blueberry Recipe Round-Up

Yesterday I brough home 4 pounds of blueberries. I froze half of them and the rest are in the fridge. I like the ones that are still light in colour because they're sour.

Fresh Berries
Frozen Berries

Just keep them sealed in a bag in your freezer.

To freeze the blueberries, I rinsed them under cold water, then spread them onto a tray lined with a towel and paper towels. Let them dry as much as possible, then remove them from the towel and spread them out on the tray in a single layer. Freeze them like that. Once they're frozen, transfer them to a freezer bag.

Use them in smoothies, or one of these other delicious recipes! My kids like to eat them straight out of the bag. Don't worry, you won't break your teeth. They're not that hard!

Here are some other blueberry recipes you might like from other bloggers.

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