Sunday, April 24, 2016

Quick Avocado and Mango Salad

I put this together in just a few minutes. I always prefer salads like this over ones that have lettuce as the base. I'm not a huge fan of lettuce salads unless they're smothered in creamy dressing, and that kind of defeats the purpose of eating salad for the health benefits.

You could add black beans to this too.

Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Lazy Woman's Cottage Pie

We haven't seen any beef on this blog in a while. How about a little lazy woman's cottage pie?

Apparently there's a difference between cottage pie and shepherd's pie. One is made with beef, and the other with lamb. Normally I would call mine a shepherd's pie, but now that I know the truth, I have to call it what it is. It's cottage pie.

The good thing about this recipe is that you don't have to make mashed potatoes. That means you can eliminate butter and milk or cream from the recipe. You also don't need to make gravy. Normally I'd add some broth and then thicken it up with a flour mixture.

The only thing this recipe was missing is corn (organic of course). You could also add some organic mixed veggies. Frozen is easy. Get the mix with carrots, peas and corn. Always buy organic, especially for corn. Corn, soy and wheat are some of the GMO crops that are heavily sprayed with pesticides. It's very important to try and limit your pesticide exposure as much as possible.

The Environmental Working Group just came out with this year's Dirty Dozen and Clean Fifteen lists. If you feel that you can't afford to buy all organic, use these lists to prioritize your organic purchases.