Thursday, July 19, 2012

I Joined Weight Watchers

I just joined Weight Watchers (for the 2nd time) a little over a week ago, so if you’re following Jenny’s Cookbook, you may notice that the recipes I post now are more low fat/low calorie. I still have a few recipes sitting over on Facebook that I haven’t had time to transfer over here yet. I was doing Weight Watchers on my own for 2 weeks before I actually signed up for WW online. It was time consuming calculating recipes on one site, then taking that nutritional info and calculating the PointsPlus value on another site. But I lost 2lbs anyway. It’s just easier to join (even though you do have to pay). You also get the app for free so you can calculate points on your phone at the grocery store before purchasing items, or if you end up eating out, you can pull up the app really quickly and search for the best option.

WW Online provides PointsPlus values for the recipes that I enter there, but it doesn’t provide a calorie count. I’ve included both the PointsPlus values and the calories for some of the recipes over the past few weeks, but since I don’t have time to enter every recipe into 2 different programs, I’ve decided not to include the calorie counts in my posts. If you’d like more detailed information on a recipe from anywhere, you can enter them in SparkRecipes and get all the nutritional details. I have to enter the recipes in the WW site anyway to get the points value for my food tracker, so it’s easy enough for me to add the PointsPlus values to my blog posts.

If you want to read more about Weight Watchers or my never-ending weight loss journey, you can follow me on my weight loss blog. I’ll put a tab at the top of the blog as well.

Here are some other places you can find Weight Watchers recipes

You can also follow my boards on Pinterest. I have a Weight Watchers board as well as several other recipe boards that are not Weight Watchers friendly. The sweets board is particularly naughty.

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