Monday, January 28, 2013


I never skip breakfast. I never really skip any meal for that matter. I love food! During the week I pack breakfast for work. Here are some of the things I like to eat for breakfast. I eat a lot of boiled eggs because they're easy to prepare, but my favourite breakfast is feta cheese with bread. I buy it marinated or I marinate it myself. Sometimes I put olives or peppers in it. 

I love this breakfast. This was my mom's idea and it's so simple.
A nice buttery croissant with Emental, sliced cucumbers, salt and pepper. That's it!
My kids love it too. My kids are crazy about croissants and cucumbers.

Sometimes a girl just needs a doughnut!

I roasted some red peppers and boiled some eggs then served it all up on a weight watchers bagel the next morning. Okay, it's a bit healthier than a doughnut!

For the low carbers, how about some stacks.
Cucumbers, turkey pepperoni, cheddar and boiled eggs.

Here's another way to bake eggs. Instead of using a muffin tin and having to remove the eggs from them, place the eggs in their own silicone liners and bake them at 350F until they're cooked the way you like them. They reheat nicely the next day and are easy to pack since they're already in their own cup.

How about peanut butter and bananas?

My favourite, marinated feta. Sometimes I eat it with croissants, or whatever other kind of bread I'm in the mood for.

And there's always cereal! Pack the milk separately of course, and it's easy enough to take to work. Just slice a banana over the top at the last minute.

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