Wednesday, June 20, 2012

One Sunny Saturday

On Saturday it was beautiful outside. The kids were in the pool most of the day and I played around with the camera a bit in between loads of laundry. The natural light makes such a huge difference. I wish I could take all the food I make outside and photograph it, but most of the time it's already evening and I don't have the proper equipment to take perfect photos in my kitchen. I've been reading articles on food photography so I'll have to work on that. I should probably also learn how to operate my camera instead of guessing what the settings should be. Now there's an idea!

Longan Fruit

Grape Nerds. Something I hadn't had in ages!

This tree in my mom's backyard is pretty big. The birds love it.
This little one got the best spot.
Sweet summer watermelon. Yum!
I MUST try to make watermelon slush one day instead of paying $7 at the mall.

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