Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Happy Nowruz!

Happy New Year to all you Persians out there!

Our Haft Seen. 7S. I dyed the eggs with onion skins. Amazing how regular onions can produce such a beautiful red colour! Just boil the skins from cooking onions (I guess I had about 4 cups worth or skins) for 30 minutes. I put the eggs right into the simmering liquid skins and all. I simmered them on medium low for about 10 minutes the turned off the heat. I let them sit overnight. Why not. After I removed and dried them, I rubbed the first few with canola oil to buff them up a bit. Those are the ones on the left. You can see they're slightly shinier.

If you want to read about Nowruz or what the items in the Haft Seen represent, go here.

I already have a small tank with fish in it.
I don't need anymore real fish hanging around here so we went with this guy instead this year.

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