Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Mini S'mores Marshmallow Pops

I went to make these and realized I only had mini marshmallows. But that wasn't a problem, they fit perfectly on toothpicks! I put 2 on each one. This makes a cute one bite treat!

Makes however many you want

mini marshmallows
semi sweet chocolate chips
graham crackers, crushed

Put 2 marshmallows on each toothpick. In the microwave, melt some semi sweet chocolate chips. About a minute for 1/2 cup should be enough.

Dip the marshmallow toothpicks into the chocolate and swirl them around to coat. Immediately dip them into the crushed graham crackers. Set them aside on some parchment to dry.

I kept mine in the fridge. I actually like them cold too.

I got the idea from gimme some oven.

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  1. I am totally going to start using your recipes
    everything looks amazing.