Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Cookies of Christmas Past

I was just looking over my Facebook photos of Christmas' past and came across trays of cookies that I made. Over the years my cousin Jessica has also joined in the fun and together we now put together a very nice assortment to share with our family, friends and co-workers. I thought I'd share them over here for fun. I have pictures starting from 2008. In 2007 my older daughter was just 3 months old so I didn't do cookies that year and before that, I don't think I was even on Facebook!

The recipe for those rum truffles above is coming this week.
I'm making them for one of our many holiday lunches at work.

This is the year Jessica started making cookies with me.
The shortbread with cherries on the right is one of my favourites.

This is the platter I made for daycare that year.

You can see I was spritz happy last year.

Jessica is now a tart expert.
She adds tarts to our platters for every occasion.

And finally, I tried making a yule log last year.
It turned out pretty good if I do say so myself!
And there's Nutella rolled up in there!
The outside is cream with shaved chocolate,
toasted almonds and powdered sugar.
I only wish I could remember what recipes I used.
My mom has hedges in the back so I went and snipped
a few branches to use on the plate. The cranberries
really made it pretty with their bright red colour.

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