Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Cinnamon Sticks and Saffron

Have you ever noticed how beautiful cinnamon sticks are?

How about saffron? Look how gorgeous the colour is!

This is my spice shelf. A few nights ago I refreshed everything and tidied up the jars. My cloves need a new lid.

You must think I have nothing better to do than post pictures of my spices? Well, at the moment, I'm sitting in the hallway outside the door of the bathroom, where my 4 year old is having one of her 1 hour bubble baths. I could never leave her unsupervised (you never know) so I figured why not. Some people collect stamps or coins and I collect spices. So what! We all have our weird hobbies. =)

My more normal hobbies include crochet and reading. I joined the Harlequin readers panel so I get free books to read and review. Some are good ... and some are not.


  1. What a gorgeous looking stcik;) Greta idea.Minding the price of saffron lucky we do not need quantity on picture;)

  2. I love tidying up my pantry too.

    Funny that my husband think that I have nothing better to do than tidying my pantry :p

    You got lots of spices...and lots of saffron!